About Us

Who We Are

We seek a sense of joy and belonging that brings us a little closer to our own inspiration. Technology has given us access to the world, but we find ourselves asking whether it is making us happier. The availability and achievement of a basic set of standards just isn’t enough. We want to connect with ourselves, and other human beings. We want to have exceptional experiences in spaces with thoughtfully designed products that understand who we are and who we aspire to be.

How We Got Here

Exciting journeys rarely follow straight lines. Our’s has been a curvy one for sure. But each twist and turn has been about functional, aesthetically pleasing design that resonates within us. We came from a place of wanting to create our own sense of home. And our super power, is in understanding that each space and product we design, is the raw material from which we sculpt our own human experience.

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About the Creator

Michael Grova is an artist who uses homes and other physical spaces as his medium. Although aesthetics and natural materials are an important and integral part of his work, his primary focus is on answering the question of how each space, no matter how humble, can add the most value to the occupant’s lives. How can it serve them as they are currently living? And perhaps more importantly, how can it serve them in the ways that they would like to live in the future?


Mission Loft Design has worked with a full range of clients and project budgets. From Airbnb to private residential homes, we look forward to hearing from you. 

Some of our most recognizable property clients include:

Urban Outfitters

The Verge 

JC Penny